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Gifford’s Grave

In 2010 I was walking with a friend through the wonderful old city cemetery in Hudson, NY, and happened to come across the family plot of the great Hudson River school artist Sanford Robinson Gifford (1823-1880.)  The site had been neglected for over a century;…

Magritte Tree

Poem by Branda C. Maholtz– Along with the house, we bought a small yard and a single sugar maple tree, the largest on the block. The tree continues to grow, not its width and height, but in significance— it leans towards us; we reach toward…

Urban Grit and Upstate Charm

I love Hudson for its truly unique combination of urban grit and upstate chill. I love a place where no one seems to have a job but where everyone is busy answering a calling. The creative energies infusing Hudson provide an electric current one can…

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