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Fall Fitness for the Exercise-Curious

Winter is sort of coming, I guess, and so are all the autumnal perks of upstate: apple cider donuts, fall foliage, ghost pumpkins and a few extra lbs. It’s only natural to consume all the pies, casseroles, biscuits and hams if nothing more than for cold weather body insulation. But if you’re like me, it’s a slippery slope between a taster of Lick ice cream, and the whole Bonfiglio sourdough loaf.

I indulge in this upstateness every day since becoming a full-time resident, and without the steps I naturally clocked just walking my neighborhood in Brooklyn. The most stairs I climb is up to my cozy bed, the steepest hill to my mailbox. You get the idea, I need to get physical.

Thankfully, Warren Street offers a wide variety of fitness opportunities whether you’re visiting Hudson with your athleisurewear still in the duffel, or my neighbor looking for a way off the couch. Why not lace up those trainers, and read on? You can do anything for 30 seconds, as they say in the gyms.

Mondays are hard. A sure-fire way to beat the brain fog is Zumba at KS Fitness. Zumba was conceived in the 90’s by Alberto “Power Pedal” Perez, and that’s really all you need to know.

Tuesday at 10AM we’re at Gun Club in the Rivertown Lodge tent. Taught by Greg Ramirez, family-man-about town, this class is a mix between stretching and circuit—a nice barefoot outdoorsy break which I like to think counteracts a day in front of the computer screen.

Wednesdays is a private pilates class with my two girlfriends and instructor Rachael Kelly at Pilates Hudson. I learned about the studio after doing some branding work for them and taking a yoga class next door. Now fully hooked on the community as well as the muscle memory, I also take Barre with Clea Mae on Thursdays at 6PM, an ageless, upbeat test of glut-strength and giggles.

Friday morning we go off the grid to FARMSPACE at Nicole Meadors Keegan’s Livingston home studio—you guessed it—on the farm. Nicole is Joe Pilates’s biggest fan, and her intimate end-of-the-week class is the perfect yoga/strength/fitness/zen combo pack.\

That brings us to the weekend. Autumnal perks are out in full force, expanding waistlines from here to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Let’s take a break from that rigorous week-long fitness regime. Strap on the ankle weights and kick it up a notch on the pedometer. The over-60 set were onto something when they took to the malls in a repeated circular loop every morning before the stores even opened.

Warren Street is eight blocks long. And unless you have the endurance of Richard Simmons, no way you’re making it to every shop from Prospect to Front during shopping business hours. It’s time to powerwalk, deers. No lollygagging in front of the Fire Station, no perusing “new” Earls or delighting your senses at 2Note. We’ve got ground to cover, and muscles to uncover. Pump your arms for a full-body effect.

There, now we’re feeling better, healthier even! Whatever the case, you deserve a fall-spiced treat and an elastic waistline.

See you out there.

Alison Matheny is reporting live from all the blocks of Warren Street, the fast lane on the Taconic, and the meat freezer of your CSA. She is an artist, and owns the design studio BEST with her friends, co-workers, and dog, Violet.

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