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The Hudson Business Coalition is establishing a Small Business Relief Fund to help Hudson businesses survive in the near-term, and successfully reopen once the coronavirus pandemic subsides. The program is called Hudson Bonds and widespread participation by Hudson businesses is key to our success.
Hudson Bonds are an easy and public-spirited way for everyone who loves Hudson to support our city’s unique and inspired small businesses get through this crisis. They are redeemable bonds that benefit businesses in two distinct ways:
• creation of a Small Business Relief Fund to help businesses make ends meet, and
• encourage local shopping in our Hudson small businesses once it’s safe to reopen
At HBC we’ll be working hard to pitch local media outlets and promote Hudson Bonds through email, social media and focused digital advertising. Success, however, will also demand an enthusiastic participation by Hudson businesses.
Your participation will make a difference in raising money for the Small Business Relief Fund, and once your business reopens it will bring customers into your business to make purchases and you will be reimbursed for the full value of the Bond.
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Please complete the form below to be listed as a participating business location where customers can use Hudson Bonds to make purchases. Please email us with any questions or suggeations.

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