WINTER WALK 2023 — The 27th Anniversary — Saturday, December 2

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Art Omi

  • Renowned arts park

    1405 Co Rte 22, Ghent, NY 12075, USA

    Tel: 518-392-4747https://artomi.org

    Open daily from 9 AM–5 PM from April 1–October 31

    Art Omi is a not-for-profit arts organization with residency programs for international artists, writers, translators, musicians, architects and dancers. Art Omi believes that exposure to internationally diverse creative voices fosters tolerance and respect, raises awareness, inspires innovation, and ignites change. By forming community with creative expression as its common denominator, Omi creates a sanctuary for the artistic community and the public to affirm the transformative quality of art.

    Situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Ghent, New York and comprised of over sixty acres of rolling farmland, wetlands and wooded areas, Art Omi: The Fields Sculpture Park presents the works of internationally recognized contemporary and modern artists, offering the unique possibility to experience a wide range of large-scale works in a singular outdoor environment. Founded in 1998, The Fields offer more than 60 works of art on view – with several pieces added or exchanged every year.

    In addition to The Fields is 60 acres dedicated to architectural interventions. The vision for Art Omi: Architecture is to create a fusion of natural and intellectual resources. It is a sanctuary where the public can experience a diversity of architectural installations spread across a myriad of natural ecosystems and designed landscapes on the Architecture grounds. The result is a new category of hybrid parkland that facilitates an ongoing dialogue on the interconnectivity between nature, culture, art and architecture.

    The public doorway to Art Omi: The Fields + Architecture, the Benenson Center and Gallery accommodates concerts, lectures, readings and dance performances developed during the Art Omi residency programs. It includes a spacious 1,500 square foot gallery for paintings, sculpture and video exhibitions, and serves as home to the adult and children’s art education programs.

    Since its founding, Art Omi has been guided by the principle that artistic expression transcends economic, political, and cultural boundaries. To date, Art Omi has hosted more than 2,000 artists from over 100 countries. By inviting a unique and varied mix of artists, writers, musicians and dancers from all over the world to create a diverse, positive working community, Omi transforms this guiding vision into an exciting reality.