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  • Botanical skincare & perfume designed for efficacy

    253 1/2 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, USA

    Tel: 917-650-6119https://www.houseofflorent.com/

    Sunday-Monday 12:00pm-4:00pm; Friday-Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm

    FLORENT was passionately developed to inspire confidence that natural skincare can also be effective. Our formulas include our patent pending preservation system that sets an industry standard.

    This natural approach, which includes a symbiotic blend of probiotics, fermentates and essential oils, not only preserves our formulas but also supports skin microbiome which lives between the junctures of our cells.

    It functions as a barrier protecting cells and connective tissue from ultra violet radiation and pollutants. This do-no-harm approach gives our microbiome the space and time to find its way back to its natural ability to heal and regenerate the skin.

    Our botanical ingredients are developed locally in house using biodynamic, organic and wild harvested plants. Whole plant extractions are created using traditional methods, such as solar infusions and hydro distillation. Our beeswax is sourced certified organic, fair trade and cruelty free.

    Floret - Hudson, NYFloret - Hudson, NYFloret - Hudson, NYFloret - Hudson, NY