WINTER WALK 2023 — The 27th Anniversary — Saturday, December 2

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For Future Reference

  • FOR FUTURE REFERENCE is a New York- and Los Angeles-based brand development agency specializing in the fostering of emerging fine jewelry designers. With a focus on strategic marketing and wholesale distribution, our mission is to enable talented designers to grow and flourish in a 21st Century retail marketplace. With a proven track record in the evolution of high-end luxury brands, FFR works with select clients to create a tailored strategy for consumer, retailer and editorial awareness.

    Our comprehensive approach to branding stems from our highly diverse backgrounds within the fine jewelry industry. Randi Molofsky is an author, magazine editor, stylist and marketing consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in fine jewelry; and Meaghan Flynn Petropoulos is a fine jewelry industry sales veteran and development consultant for premiere designer brands. Her portfolio of retail partners ar