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Garrick Ambrose Architect

  • Garrick Ambrose is interested in an architecture that is abstract, connects to the human experience, and is innovative in its use of the material. In our increasingly fast and digitized world, architecture has the opportunity more than ever to allow us to slow down, pause and connect with each other, culture, and the natural world.

    We are a practice dedicated to making spaces. Garrick has over 20 years of experience working in a range of scales from small artist studios, private residences, to large cultural institutions. Before going out on his own Garrick was a Senior Associate at Steven Holl Architects in New York City. He oversaw The Reach at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, The Winter Visual Arts Center at Franklin and Marshall College, and T-space, a non-profit art space in Rhinebeck NY. Garrick studied architecture at Cornell and Harvard and has a practice based in New York.