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Gary DiMauro Real Estate

  • Watching the City of Hudson become a revitalized city full of artists, antique dealers & entrepreneurs, Gary decided he wanted to be a part of it. So in 2002, he branched out and opened a second location. When Gary was offered the opportunity to purchase the simple 1900s storefront (one of the few small 2-story buildings among the Grand Dames on Hudson’s Warren Street), he instinctively knew he had to buy it. After a year of renovation, a few orders from Design Within Reach, and the invaluable service of antique dealer and decorator, Michael Belanger, the office opened in 2003, and quickly became the real estate powerhouse of Hudson. Warren Street, Hudson’s main thouroughfare, is lined for 10 blocks with early Federal houses, grand Victorian Queen Annes, historic firehouses, and other architectural gems. Founded by Quakers from Nantucket, the City of Hudson was established to process and hide whale oil from the British during the American Revolution. Many of the buildings still display their architectural similarity to maritime New England. Now, Hudson is a center for all things creative. Its antique stores, stylish shops, performing arts centers, hip music venues, and fabulous restaurants are attracting new visitors, residents, and weekenders who love that their weekend home is just a short walk from the Amtrak station.