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Kinderhook Farm LLC

  • Grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture raised chicken and pork, eggs from free ranging laying hens.

    1958 County Road 21, Valatie, NY 12184, USA

    Tel: (518) 218-6648https://kinderhookfarm.square.site

    Sunday-Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm

    We’re lucky to operate on preserved open farmland in the Hudson Valley. Settled by the Dutch in the 1600s, it was likely one of the region’s first farms. In the 20th century, Kinderhook became a conventional dairy operation, consolidated like so many other small family dairies until 2004, when Steve and Renee Clearman purchased the land and convinced their longtime friends Lee and Georgia Ranney to restore its pastoral heritage.

    With 15 years as successful West Virginia cattle grazers under their belts, Lee and Georgia worked with the original farm crew to build fences and water systems for rotational grazing. They transitioned the business from dairy cows kept in barns to truly pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed beef. Diversity makes for a more sustainable farm operation on all levels, in the model of a thriving old fashioned farmstead each species we added compliments the others… thus our grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and pastured chickens, ducks and geese.

    By fate or fortune, Kinderhook Farm’s early years coincided with the rise of farm-to-table restaurants and whole animal butcheries in New York. We have always welcomed visitors, and the farm’s beautiful land and honest approach made us the go-to source for craft butchers and chefs in the sustainable food movement. A network formed around the farm, gathering for events like butchery workshops, farm-based cooking and long-table, whole-roast lamb celebrations. In 2010, we started our apprenticeship program, which has inspired many young farmers to go on to create their own successful pasture-based farms across the country.

    Just as it made sense to raise cows on grass—it made sense to open a farm store in 2008 and begin a MeatShare CSA program in 2018 to better serve our local community. We also love sharing the joys of grass farming with folks who may have never eaten a freshly laid egg, or walked among a flock of lambs. So, in 2011, we started our FarmStay to give guests the experience of farm life first-hand.

    Thank you for inspiring us to work as hard as we can, doing our best for the land, our animals, and you.