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Kostas Seremetis Studio

  • Kostas Seremetis doesn’t just make art, he “jams.” The New York-based artist redefines the aforementioned musical term of improvising with other musicians, especially in jazz or blues, in his artistic approach. Brandishing a paint brush or pencil as his instruments, the artist loses himself in his work as a musician would if he were engaging in an uninterrupted, solo melody.

    HYPEBEAST was recently invited by Kostas to visit his studio and loft space in Hudson. Upon entering his creative domain, we were immediately engrossed by his brilliant mix of pop-culture subjects sprinkled across canvases, three-dimensional objects and unconventional mediums like military tarp. From classic superheroes to ancient Greek statues, there are a myriad of influences that Kostas counts for the imagery in his pieces that scream nostalgia.

    The artist not only gleans inspiration from music, but also from his upbringing as the son of Greek immigrants and multifold interest in pop culture. For his interdisciplinary work, he culls visuals from comic books, science fiction, classic paintings, animation cartoons, graffiti, and Greek mythology. He began showing his work at the age of 19 in Boston. Back in 1994, he was commissioned by the Warner Bros. Studio Store, where he had three sold-out exhibitions. Over the years, Kostas has amassed a large international following. He exhibited in renowned art spaces around the world including major art cities such as Paris, Berlin, and London to New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.