WINTER WALK 2023 — The 27th Anniversary — Saturday, December 2

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Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery

  • A non-profit organization designed to stimulate public awareness for mental health recovery through art.

    717 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY, USA

    Tel: (518) 821-7950https://stigmafree.art/

    Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm

    The Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts gallery’s first gallery space has a variety of artwork on display by those people in recovery from serious mental health problems and serves as recovery and support resource center for the public. This unique gallery space that blends artistic work with mental health awareness serves to eliminate community bias and stigma related to mental health disorders. Our artists not only prove they are people worthy of positive attention, but they also show others that recovery is achievable and that there is no shame in having a serious mental health diagnosis. Our gallery space brings mental health awareness to the forefront of the community through artistic expression.