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Michael Boris Clothing

  • For thirty-five years, designer Michael Boris has created beautiful architecturally luxurious clothing for the world’s most discriminating clientele. This self-taught, Hudson Valley native attended the Traphagen School of Fashion for illustration. With a history of several stores in Rhinebeck, N.Y., New York City, and San Francisco, Michael Boris now steps forward to reveal to women worldwide his untold richness.

    From his Lexington Avenue atelier, Boris exclaims, “I am inspired by beautiful fabrics and the beauty of women who wear my designs. More women will want to wear my clothing and now I am taking the steps to make this happen.”

    From his New York workroom, Michael Boris, along with a dedicated and loyal team, creates collections that are interchangeable and that present a defined look. Every garment is finished by hand. Not only the structured clothing, but most of the general collection as well, can be custom ordered. “My fabrics are exquisite and my shapes are classic.” His meticulous attention to detail is evident not only in the exterior, but in the interior of his clothing.

    In addition to his made-to-order clients, Michael Boris is represented by Wilkes Bashford and Neiman Marcus, as well as specialty stores nationwide.

    Michael Boris has quietly let his clothes speak for themselves. His designs are transcending the marketplace with statement-making style.