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Rad Studio Space

  • A creative hub blurring the lines between art, culture, movement, food, meditation, and community.

    521 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, USA

    Tel: (347) 640-1727https://www.radstudiospace.com/

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    Rad Studio Space is a creative hub in the heart of Hudson, NY blurring the lines between art, culture, movement, food, meditation, and community. We host performances, gatherings, dinners, talks, readings, and yoga to find the intersection of connection and creativity. There are those nights where you find yourself inside a transcendent space, having a conversation and experiencing the kind of human connection that nourishes your spirit. Maybe it all ends with a spontaneous dance party or a good laugh. That’s the feeling we want to channel. Rad Studio Space is a historic 9,000 sq. ft. building in Hudson, NY that has lived many creative lives. Books have been written, albums have been recorded, dances have been choreographed, photography has been shot and paintings have been made inside this home. It was once a rock bar, a puppet theater where drag queens performed, a department store and the first women-owned hat store in the area, among many other past lives. It’s a stunning and expansive space filled with contemporary art, exuding an ambiance of warmth and inspiration. We want to honor the history of a space that inspires creativity while doing what we are most passionate about: bringing friends and fellow creatives together. We’ll evolve as the space evolves. Building community is our North Star. We found the building in the middle of the pandemic when we felt isolated from our friends and far away from our family. This was a place where we envisioned gathering again one day. It’s a place where we hoped our creative friends could make cool shit. As for the name: whenever we’d walk into an epic space, we’d look at each other and say, “this would make a great studio space.” It was an inside joke until we found this place: the most rad of all. Founded by author, comedy writer and journalist Laura Lane and artist Nic Rad.