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Riverbend Dispensary

  • Hand-selected Cannabis Products from The Hudson Valley & Beyond.

    531 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534, USA


    Everyday 10am-8pm

    At Riverbend Dispensary, we are dedicated to revitalizing Hudson’s historic legacy with a modern approach to cannabis. As the first licensed dispensary in Columbia County, located at 531 Warren Street, we proudly champion a farm-to-table ethos. By sourcing our premium cannabis products primarily from local farms in Columbia, Ulster, Greene Counties and beyond, we strive to support small farmers while delivering exceptional quality cannabis products to our community. Committed to social equity, Riverbend was awarded one of New York State’s inaugural 100 social equity dispensary licenses, marking our dedication to inclusive growth. Our mission is to honor Hudson’s rich heritage, cultivate local partnerships, and enrich the diverse landscape of the Hudson Valley through responsible cannabis stewardship.  As we reintroduce cannabis to Hudson and honor its historical significance in our community’s past, Riverbend eagerly anticipates supporting local farmers, creating jobs and enhancing the cultural vibrancy of Warren Street.

    About Rudy Huston and Ed Glickman (Photo by Lydia McBride)

    In the heart of Hudson, New York, two cannabis connoisseurs, Ed Glickman and Rudy Huston, converge once again after three decades of parallel entrepreneurial journeys. Their paths initially crossed in the colorful industry of the import-export garment business, with Ed sourcing from Guatemala and Rudy orchestrating his ventures from Indonesia.  Fate, however, seemed to have a green twist in store for them. In the smoky haze of yesteryears, Ed found himself on the wrong side of the law, a victim of draconian cannabis prohibition. But fast forward to today, and the landscape has shifted dramatically. With the legalization of Cannabis, Glickman’s meritorious CUARD license signals not just a redemption but a triumph of perseverance.  Huston, who has lived in Hudson for over 20 years, is an integral part of the community with established businesses over the years that have contributed to Hudson’s culture and spirit.

    Together, they embark on an ambitious endeavor, Riverbend Dispensary, a hub for cannabis enthusiasts, located in the historic city of Hudson, NY at 531 Warren Street. It’s not just a business venture; it’s a testament to their enduring passion for cannabis and their unwavering belief in its potential to elevate, heal and inspire. Riverbend promises to be more than just a dispensary; it’s a farm-to-table experience, where every strain tells a story, every cannabis product guarantees an unparalleled experience, and every customer becomes a welcomed member of the ever-growing cannabis community.