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Rolling Grocer 19

  • Rolling Grocer 19 (RG19) is a year round, full-service grocery store located in Hudson, NY. We also offer curbside and delivery options in the Hudson area. RG19 represents a community-driven response to the immediate challenges of a food and economically insecure environment that currently exists in Columbia county. RG19 offers a wide range of wholesome products, including fresh produce, dairy, bread, grains, meat, seafood, non-perishables, toiletries and other miscellaneous products. Our intention is to provide convenient, quality food for all – no matter income level – with a priority placed on low-income residents. Food is made affordable through a fair pricing system, similar to sliding scale (see Fair Pricing System for more details). The store also provides a market for local farmers and producers, prioritizing sourcing from environmentally-conscious farmers and distributors in our area, and therefore supporting the direct reinvestment of local spending back into community businesses.