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September Gallery

  • Founded by Kristen Dodge in 2016, SEPTEMBER is an evolving platform for artists of diverse and committed disciplines with a particular interest in supporting sculpture, performance, and community engagement. The gallery supports artists predominantly from Brooklyn, Boston and Upstate. In its first year, 194 artists have exhibited at the gallery. Along with visual artists, SEPTEMBER’s spirited ethos and programming includes performers, academics, activists, chefs, curators, writers, and others creatives. SEPTEMBER has held group exhibitions with artists including Nicole Cherubini, Brie Ruais, Agathe Snow, Cameron, Anna Betbeze, Rosy Keyser, Sara Greenberger-Rafferty, Laurel Sparks, Shinique Smith, Jackie Saccoccio, Nancy Shaver, Marianne Vitale, and Letha Wilson; solo exhibitions with Taylor Davis, Sheila Gallagher and Odessa Straub; performances with Fluct, Annie Bielski, Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, Constance Tenvik, and others. At the one-year marker of the gallery, SEPTEMBER hosted the 10-year anniversary of Incident Report, an experimental viewing station for visual projects in Hudson. SEPTEMBER co-organized with Kate Gilmore a 170-artist exhibition providing an outlet for post-election response and a platform to raise money for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and Staley B. Kieth Social Justice Center. SEPTEMBER co-organized with Dawn Breeze the exhibition ACT I with over 100 artists in support of Planned Parenthood at the historic Hudson Opera House. Other off-site programming has included collaborating with Basilica Hudson to select the visual art component of their 2016 SoundScape Festival. SEPTEMBER has invited scholars to participate in programming including Susan Aberth, professor at Bard, who wrote an essay in conjunction with the exhibition Witches, and Pam Grossman who lectured on the depiction of witches in the history of art. SEPETMBER produced a limited edition publication, Paper Covers Rock, featuring photographs and writing by Brie Ruais and Letha Wilson in conjunction with their exhibition. Press coverage for SEPTEMBER includes Two Coats of Paint, BLOUIN ARTINFO, Modern Painters, New American Paintings, Art Fag City, Travel + Leisure, and Upstate Diary. SEPTEMBER is a NADA Gallery Member.