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Strega Flora


    Strega Flora is a floral design studio based in the Hudson Valley, specializing in events, weddings, and floral styling everywhere from home to set. Helmed by creative director Nikki Pettus, we travel through the northeast and beyond to create memorable worlds of whimsy in attempts to reconnect our clients with the beauty and magic of nature.


    In close collaboration with our clients, our studio eschews traditional event design for the stuff dreams are made of. Color and texture are our obsession and we’re committed to finding the most special ingredients from growers as local as possible to meet your needs. Our studio designs with a deep admiration of our planet and we strive to make our footprint small- we’d love it if you’d join us in that effort by leaning into the seasonal approach to design and staying open to creative ways to reduce waste.


    We believe that flowers have the mystical ability to break your heart as they simultaneously heal it- they instantly connect you to the earth, and hold you captive by their ephemeral beauty. Strega (italian for ‘witch’) Flora stems from our awe and appreciation for the healing power of nature and its bewitching flowers.