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The Moonstoned

  • Antique and Vintage Fine Jewelry

    610 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534, USA

    Tel: (575) 520-8118https://themoonstoned.com

    Thursday-Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

    Jewelry is an expression. It’s a feeling, a celebration. These items are tokens that spark a memory of something monumental, a moment in your life every time you wear it.

    We are The Moonstoned, and we believe that fast-fashion-jewelry-junk and counting diamond carats for the sake of ego needs to bite the curb. We are part of a growing community of ethical, conscious Antique & Vintage Jewelry lovers. We fall in love with the story behind a piece, the romance of it, just as much as its timeless beauty. We believe in wearing what makes you FEEL GOOD, chasing that high, that connection no matter what.

    We hunt the globe for the sweetest treasures and bring them back, just for you.

    We strive for a forever favorite, your future heirloom. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Engagement Ring, buying a gift for your numero uno or just celebrating how wonderful you are (and you are), we’ve got you covered.

    The Moonstoned is all about YOU. Adorn yourself with things that make you feel powerful, beautiful, sexy. YOU are your own Alter; pull your shoulders back and walk proud. You deserve nothing less…