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Time & Space Limited

  • Time & Space Limited, a not-for-profit arts organization serving the City of Hudson and the Hudson River Valley Region, invites individuals and families to participate in the arts in a culturally rich and socially-active environment.
    TSL encourages artistic expression in daily life, and supports the evolution of Hudson, New York, as a community that celebrates its diversity. TSL accomplishes its goals by engaging audiences in exploring themes that reflect the local and global concerns of Hudson Valley residents with original theater productions and performances, music, art exhibitions, multi-media productions, independent and documentary films, Live HD Simulcasts, youth projects, and special events.

    By exposing an underserved area of New York State to the benefits of artistic expression, TSL has become a beacon and leader in the neighborhood, county, and state, shaping the lives of community members through innovative and exciting cultural projects of quality and substance. Its mission is to educate, enliven, and expand the artistic quality of life in the community it serves..

    TSL Hudson