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Proprietor Profile: Carolyn Mix + Darcy Doniger

Carolyn Mix + Darcy Doniger
255 Warren Street

What do you do, and how did you get to where you are now?

We create botanical fragrances and natural, plant-based formulations for face, body, bath and home. We established our brand in Portland Maine in 2006, turning what was a hobby and a political passion into 2 Note. We’re musicians as well (violin + cello), so when it came time to name our brand we decided to play on the notion that there are notes in scent and notes in sound. As a result, our shop aesthetic and fragrance names reflect this relationship. We’ve been in business for eleven years and have enjoyed many interesting conversations based on our name and concept. We’ve also been asked numerous times if every product is comprised of 2 notes… to which we answer “no, we’re the 2 notes.” We do realize that our name somewhat begs for explanation!

What do you love about what you do?

We love love love creating and offering products with a conscience. We have so much passion for passing along information about healthy practices and healthy ingredients, and though we’re a small voice, we like to offer a human connection to these things. We’re always learning. We’re the antithesis of big marketing and big production. We also love the creative side of what we do – creating botanical fragrances is akin to being a chef in the kitchen with all sorts of delectable ingredients at your disposal. It’s both fun and challenging to create fragrances the old fashioned way, before synthetics became an option. And it’s truly an honor to have people wearing our fragrances. We approach our brand with a quality over quantity philosophy. This brings a richness to each day and each connection we make.

What’s the thing about Hudson that made you say, wow, I want to be here?

While we both spent many years in Maine, we are both from NY originally (NYC/Ithaca). We hadn’t intended to move back to NY, as business and life were wonderful in Portland. We got a little lost while trying to take some back roads between Ithaca and Portland and ended up stopping in Hudson to grab a cup of coffee and figure out which route to take next. We stopped on a Wednesday. Hudson was a ghost town! The coffee shop was closing in five minutes. We got our joes and decided to take our dogs Hubert and Enzo for a little walk up Warren St. We immediately fell head over heels in love with the architecture as well as the creative and sophisticated retailing. Hudson felt like a sleepy small town, but with an urban oasis undercurrent. We got a strong sense that we were amidst a wellspring of creative energy and higher thinking and conscious living. We stood on the sidewalk and made one of the riskiest and craziest decisions of our lives – to move to Hudson! Having been here for over three years now, our decision to move to Hudson is reinforced daily. We love being members of both the business community as well as the general community. We appreciate the diversity, tolerance, activism, passion and spirit that Hudson embodies, and we’re proud to be a stitch in that fabric.

If there’s one thing a visitor has to experience before they leave, what is it?

The shopping and eating and art exhibits are all truly special in Hudson. If there’s an event at the Basillica it’s going to be memorable. Also, Hudson has it’s own independent movie theater – TSL. You are bound to see something excellent. Hudson also has a wonderful farmer’s market on Saturdays, so if you plan on cooking this is where you will find beautiful, fresh locally grown produce as well as some delicious prepared foods.

If there were a Hudson cocktail, what would be in it, and why?

We’d keep it simple and local… A Hudsonesque Manhattan of sorts. Hillrock Rye, chilled, with a few frozen cherries from Smith’s orchard as ice cubes, topped with some fresh ginger zest from Blue Star Farm or Sparrowbush Farm.

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