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Proprietor Profile: Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay

Source Adage

314 Warren Street

Source Adage Hudson NY
Source Adage- Hudson, NY

What do you do, and how did you get to where you are now?

We are branding designers who started our own fragrance brand to create something we weren’t finding in the market. We began with a very specific concept for home fragrances, designed our unique scents, our custom vessel and, naturally, the branding look and feel that informed the eclectic, masculine design of our “fragrance house”. After the launch of our brand and products with the opening of our store in Hudson in 2015, we expanded our product line to include bold, complex personal perfumes that, like the home scents, are inspired by American landscapes and territories.

What do you love about what you do?

We are creatives. Dreaming up and composing fragrances is a fascinating and challenging extension of our work, but not foreign. It’s a wonderful new aspect that offers a great amount of satisfaction when you see an initial idea pass through the necessary rigors of formulation, editing and testing to become an actual product. The talented team we work with to bring our fragrances over the finish line teach us a lot as we, ourselves, grow with the brand.

What’s the thing about Hudson that made you say, wow, I want to be here?

Our decision to move to Hudson was unexpected. We were completing the development of our first home fragrances when we first visited, more by chance than design. We immediately were drawn to the vibe of Hudson and the curated, high level of retail we saw on our first stroll down Warren Street. It clicked almost immediately that we could retail our products in Hudson. An opportunity that wasn’t a possibility in the city. Two weeks later our apartment in Brooklyn was on the market and we bought the first, and only, house we saw on our initial visit to Hudson. The rest is history.

If there’s one thing a visitor has to experience before they leave, what is it?

Hudson has a lot to offer. A fantastic food and art scene, as well as the unique, upscale retail environment. But we always recommend that visitors drive out to the sculpture fields of Art Omi for some impressive art in a beautiful, natural setting.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend in and around Hudson?

A perfect weekend in Hudson – for those who don’t tend shop – would be a Saturday drive for morning pastries and coffee at the Bartlett House in Ghent with a stop at Art Omi to walk the sculpture fields. Lunch or dinner at W.M. Farmer and Sons – or at any of the many great restaurants in town – with gallery hopping the rest of the day. Sunday starts with breakfast/brunch at Le Gamin and shopping up and down Warren Street. An eye on events at Hudson Hall and art openings can break up the wealth of food and retail consumption.