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Tomorrow Tomorrow Animal Rescue

Can one big heart do it all?

In the stunning countryside just 6 minutes outside of Hudson, a world of kindness awaits in the form of Tomorrow Tomorrow Animal Rescue.

Michael Bucci is a handsome 70-year-old with an air of calm wisdom. He oversees more than 150 acres of land, upon which live and thrive 22 horses, 5 goats, 20 cats, 3 dogs, and sweet lambs wearing wooly sweaters in the cold.

The rescue’s barn manager, Sarah, shows me their barn, which is 260 years old. I feel a warmth radiating from the barn wood. It feels almost holy inside. Sarah opines that all the animals needed was a lot of “Dr. Green,” which is term she uses for the practice of allowing the animals to experience wonder and freedom roaming the 150 acres of lush grass, ponds and walking trails.

One wild mustang, Sarah, is 36 years old, equivalent to a human age of over 100. She trembles as she gains her footing. Another elderly equine, Dutch, was a famous open jumper.

“People drop their horses here and say ‘take them or we’ll shoot them.’ Michael explains, “Some board their horses, but never come back to pick them up.”

Every Tuesday morning, a van pulls up from the Hudson City School with autistic and developmentally challenged kids. They ride the horses, pet them, talk to them, and the horses nuzzle and kiss them in return. Michael and Sarah tell the story of how one autistic young man, who had never spoken a complete sentence before, began to speak in full sentences as he talked about the horses to his parents. His mother was so moved she burst into tears.

Michael and Sarah are full of hopes and dreams. Sarah, in addition to being barn manager, is also an artist. She dreams of incorporating art and animal rescue on the property. She photographs the land and paints horses in her studio, and welcomes other artists and photographers to do the same. Michael is considering the idea of repairing cars that have been donated so single moms may use them.

As I scan the landscape, I slip into my own daydreams. How about a summer music festival? There is no shortage of dreams around here, just a shortage of helping hands.

I left thinking about the rare gentleness and beauty I experienced at Tomorrow Tomorrow Animal Rescue, a feeling that needs to be shared, yet protected and respected as well.

Tomorrow Tomorrow Animal Rescue could use a crew of young volunteers to help exercise and groom the horses and help out at feeding time (6 AM and 6 PM). What an incredible opportunity for a child to bond with the animals while learning to care for them! Contributions of food and medicine would also be appreciated.

Please call Michael or Sarah at 518-929-6092 if you’d like to volunteer. They will greet you with charm and happily put you on the work schedule.

Leslie Tepsak visited Tomorrow Tomorrow in April, 2018 and was inspired to submit this story.

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